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Lisa Schmitz
Artist, Berlin

labyrinthical spiral of text, 1995

Born in Emmerich in 1952; study of sculpture and art education at the colleges of art in Münster and Berlin. Study of art history, philosophy, ethnology, Romance languages, textile design at the universities of Heidelberg, New Orleans, Cologne, Münster and Berlin. Training in multimedia production at the Silicon Studio / Berlin ITW.

Individual and group exhibitions:
(including Ars Electronica, Linz, Inter Course 1 Kunstwerke Berlin, Inter Course 2 LACE, Los Angeles, Correspondences Berlinische Galerie Berlin / Cultural Center Chicago, Ars Armandi Lege Artis Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, Interferenzen Marble Palace St Petersburg, IICkunstBO VDNCH Moscow, VIPER Basel, Memento Stadtgalerie / Goltz-Kinsky Palais Prague, See You Hear KHM Cologne / AdK Berlin

She has been a lecturer at the College of Art and the TU Berlin; guest professor at the University of Gießen and has taught at the Studienkolleg of Bauhaus Dessau. Other lecturing has included: Getty Center Los Angeles, University of Illinois Chicago, Jan van Eyck Akademie Maastricht, art academies of Berlin, Hamburg, Münster, VIPER Basel, Univeristy Druschba Narodov Moscow.

Video tapes:
(realised together with Hanno Baethe, Norbert Nowotsch, Martin Seck) have been shown at: KHM, Cologne, VIPER Basel, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, AVE Arnheim, Erlanger Videotage, Rauma Biennial Balticum, Experimental Film Festival Osnabrück, Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Gal. Kolonna /NGBK Riga, Videoclip Festival Saumur, Avtosavodskaja Vyst. Zal Moscow.

Various fellowships and prizes:
1973 DAAD fellowship to Clermont-Ferrand, 1987-89, NaFög/DAAD fellowship for Berlin and Moscow, 1993, promotion grant for artists from the State of Berlin, 1995, Villa Aurora Fellowship for Los Angeles, 2000, fellowship from Sankt Augustin, and a period as guest artist at the Art College for Media in Cologne.

Since 1993, Lisa Schmitz’ works have concentrated primarily on spatial installations, environments, interventions in urban areas, interpassive / intercontemplative communication projects and photo series (the Inter View Series). The artist focuses on thematic complexes within extended contexts in the field of perception and representation. The content of her work circles around an aesthetic investigation into complex, connected levels of meaning concerning man – machine – space – time – communication. She is equally interested in their reception and in the fascination which lies in changes to our scientific view of the world. Her works pose questions on human behaviour in face of the present development from the waning industrial age to the age of in-/exformation. They are concerned with needs, fears, aims and hopes

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